It could be :

  • a subculture ;
  • a hobby ;
  • viewed as a lifestyle/fashion .
  • Was initially dubbed as ‘costuming’ ;
  • Began in 30′ in North America – The participants were required to simply dress appropriately for genre ;



  • In 84′ the term ‘cosplay’ was invented by a Japanese reporter when he translated the word ‘masquerade'( American term)  to the Japanese audience .
  • Cosplay is into categories such as : superheroes, cartoon characters, video game characters, AND MORE .

Club Cosplay   

  • Corona , California ;
  • Started out as an idea of Ivan McCosplay ;
  • You’ll find geeks looking to mix their cosplay lifestyle with their nightlife ;
  • They have several major venues : M15 Nightclub in Corona, OHM Nightclub in Hollywood, California, The House of Blues in Downtown Disney ;
  • Master of Ceremonies, Bernie Bregman  does a phenomenal job at getting the audience’s attention and keeping the show moving also he is a staple of the nerd community. As a cosplayer he has one of the most shared images on the internet .